IBM SPSS Statistics
IBM Corp.
IBM SPSS Statistics is a program that allows you to identify your best customers, forecast future trends and perform...
IBM SPSS Statistics is a program that allows...
RivaTuner Statistics Server
Alexey Nicolaychuck aka Unwinder
Initially designed as a small helper application for RivaTuner graphics card utility...
...graphics card utility, RivaTuner Statistics Server became de-facto...
PASW Statistics
SPSS (Hong Kong) Ltd,
PASW Statistics is a tool that puts the power of advanced statistical analysis in your hands. Whether you are a beginner...
...the power of advanced statistical analysis in your hand ...of tools. PASW Statistics Base is no longer...
WOT Statistics
WOT Statistics Dvelopment Team
WOT Statistics will allow you to monitor your progress in World Of Tanks. It will...
...information regarding your statistics. You can easily ...your game. WOT Statistics will update after...
Statistics Problem Solver
Runiter Company
Statistics Problem Solver is a simple application intended for statistics students...
...application intended for statistics students that ha ...understand much of statistics, but the program...
Fast Statistics
Fast Statistics is a statistical analysis program for Microsoft Excel. It is an add-in and also a stand-alone software...
...descriptive, correlation, and covariance statistics. Fast Statistics also runs a Hypothesis...
Cricket Statistics for Windows
GG's Club Cricket Software
Cricket Statistics for Windows requires an IBM or compatible PC with the following minimum specification:...
...another cricket statistics package to ...suitably formatted) historic statistics can be incorporated...
Kino Statistics
Giannis Mamalikidis
Keno statistics analyses the data of all the lots (since the beginning of keno) and uses 2 main laws...
...of the rainbow). Keno Statistics is a programme whose ...purpose is the statistical analysis of Keno...
IBM SPSS Statistics - Essentials for R
SPSS, an IBM Company
This material enables IBM SPSS Statistics users to run code written in the R language...
...and plugins for Statistics and later ...modules, graphics examples, statistical modules, and the...
Management by Statistics
MasterTech Computer Products International, Inc.
It is designed to manage an entire business and track all of the statistics you need. It’s a simple, rapid...
...view and enter statistics from anywhere with ...your employees use statistics, condition formula...
Statistics Pro
Praeter Software
Statistics Pro is a small but efficient tool, able to solve specific statistics...
...replies to complex statistical formulas/equation ...is intended for statistics students or experts...
Visual Statistics
Forrest W. Young
ViSta, the Visual Statistics System,features statistical visualizations that are highly dynamic...
...Visual Statistics System,features statistical visualization ...approach to statistical data analysis...
Quest Domain Statistics Wizard
Quest Software, Inc
Quest Domain Statistics Wizard is a program that allows you to easily collect statistical data from your Microsoft...
Quest Domain Statistics Wizard is a program ...you to easily collect statistical data from your...
Statistical Lab
FU Berlin CeDiS
Statistical Lab is an explorative and interactive tool designed both to support...
...and solution of statistical problems. It ...a user-friendly statistical worksheet allowing users...
BLOB Statistics
UnifiedDBTools Software
BLOB Statistics is a tool for collecting, viewing and analyzing information about stored BLOB data. You can use BLOB...
...formats -Generates statistics for the entire ...desktop Databases BLOB Statistics supports the...
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